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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Black Hat: The Unethical Way of SEO

Black hat seo is an unethical way of seo which is done in order to get quick traffic. It opposes to rules and regulations of search engines. It is a technique where webmasters focus on getting higher rank on search engines by deceiving them. It is completely opposite to white hat seo. Black hat seo are used by those who want to get an quick return to their search engines result. Though, you will get a good return in short term, but there is a chanced to penalize by google or any other search engines. So, it is very risky. Black hat seo techniques include keywords stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, invisible text and invisible links. It can also be called as spamdexing.

Black Hat Techniques:

Keywords Stuffing:

Keywords stuffing is also known as irrelevant keywords loading. It is a technique which refers to overload irrelevant keywords on web page. Webmasters use this techniques in order to get indexed by search engines. Those sites overloaded by keywords can be penalized by search engines. Several methods are used in this criteria. One is to repeat the same keywords into the meta tag so that users cannot see these tag but scanned by search engines. Another method is to make text in the body with the same color of the page so that user cannot see these texts. This is called invisible keywords stuffing.

Doorway pages:

A doorway page is a jump page specially designed to get high ranking on search engines results. It is a trickery to search engines to make it compel to pay attention on that page. Basically, the page is loaded with keywords or phrases. Search engines doesn't like doorway pages and you have a great chances to be penalized.

Invisible texts:

It is way to put a good number of keywords in the body text of the page which are invisible to the users. But, it visible to the search engines. Webmasters follow this techniques to crawl their website by search engines in order to get traffic quickly.


It is spamdexing technique used to trick search engines in which content presented to the search engines is different from that presented to the users. When a user is captured as spider, the server delivers a page which is not related to the search results. You can generate  a good amount of traffic by these trick. But, it can be penalized in long run as their is nothing special for the users.

The unethical way or black hat seo actually bring a great results in short terms. These are helpful to get higher ranking in the search engines. But, they are risky. In the long run you can be penalized by search engines. So, it is better to keep some patient  and using the Ethical way of seo

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Hat: The Ethical Way of SEO

White hat seo is the ethical way of seo. Search engines have some rules and white seo keep pace with these rules. White hat is the only way to get the long benefit from your website. White seo means creating a good content, make  natural link, using of relevant keywords and optimization of site.
White hat seo Guidelines:

Unique Content:

Content is the king. Don't make content for search engines. It should be users friendly. Unique content is the key to get unique visitors. Creating content may be a time consuming. Without unique content you cannot expect to generate a good traffic in your site. The more your content is rich, the more you will get focus from search engines.

Relevant Keywords:

One of the most important tasks in seo is choosing best keywords. Your success in seo depends on choosing the relevant keywords. All off your seo efforts will go in vain, if you choose the wrong keywords. So, spend a good amount of time to choose your keywords. You should keep in your mind that you should not overload your site with irrelevant keywords. It doesn't follow the search engines policies.The best site to choose the best keywords is

Natural Links:

Search engines don't like links which are fake. Paid links can be penalized by search engines which may cause you permanent damnation of your site. So, try to have some good links. It is a time consuming task, but you will get good results in long run. Link building can be done by forum posting, directory submission,blog commenting, social bookmarking,yahoo answer and article submission.

XML Submission:

XML submission is an ethical way of seo. It is a markup language containing structured documents. It is made to use the highly rich structured document over the web. You can submit your site in this link-
White hat seo is always better than black hat seo. The reasons are-

  • You don't have the chance to be penalized by search engines.
  • It is a long term effects. So spammers doesn't have the chance to enjoy the benefit of getting indexed quickly. It will give you shelter in long run.
  • It helps to rank your site quickly.
  • You will get permanent and unique visitors that helps you maximize your income.    

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Overall Strategy of SEO

Search engine optimization or seo is the process of promoting website in order to get indexed to major search engines. Optimizing your page is very important factor to get indexed by search results. Your success in seo depends on your optimization. Here, I will try to give you a vivid idea about overall seo strategy.


Content plays an important role to achieve the maximum success in seo. Good content is the key to get a good amount of traffic. Don't make content for the search engines. It will not have good effect in long run. Because, Search engines are changing their strategy frequently in order to get rid of spamming sites. There is no chance to get in top results for the low quality websites. Try to use your keywords in your content. So, make some contents which are only for visitors not for search engines.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the most important task in context of seo. People usually search based on the keywords. So, you should spend some time to choose the best and right keywords for your site. If you choose wrong keywords all efforts to get indexed by search engines will go in vain. There are a lot of keywords tools. But, the most popular and effective keywords tool is google adwords. Try to use your keywords in tittle and meta description.

Link Building:

Most of the owner of the website try to fool google by buying links. But, it is not good idea in long term. Natural links help to promote your website quickly. There are a lot of ways in link building strategies. They are-
Directory submission:
It is wonderful to get quality one way links. It is the initial step of link building.  Don't buy link from link farms.      You can be penalized by google. Make it sure that your links are not from poor quality sites. One link from a high quality site is more useful than having links from 50 poor quality sites.

Forum posting:
One of the most important ways of link building is forum posting. It is a wonderful to get a quality backlink. Search engines gives more important to the the links from forum posting. Here you can share your knowledge and get cleared your about your problem. It gives a chance to interact with different people from different countries and you get a chance to have a signature link .

Blog Commenting:
Blog commenting is another important way to get quality back links. It helps to improve online visibility and link popularity. It is way of leaving a comment on blogs or article in order to get a backlink.

Article submission
There are many article sites which you can submit articles in order to get a    backlink.It is very useful in link building process. You can get quality link by which you can generate a good numbers of traffic.

Social Bookmarking:

 In the recent update of google's seo social bookmarking has been given importance in a great extent. Social bookmarking is the way of bookmarking your favorite pages or sites. You can tag and share link across the internet from any computer. You can also share these pages or sites with other friends or networks.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Important advices for seo 2012

Important Guides for seo 2012

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing more and more visitors to your blogs and websites. If you own a webpage, you have do some seo for it otherwise you cannot get much traffic in your site. It is important that you should make site not for search engine's but for the visitors. Because, visitors are the life of your website. If you do not how to optimize your site your all the efforts to get visitors will go in vain. That is why, I am here to make the seo easy for you.

Why do we need SEO?

Most of the beginner have the same question that why we need seo. The answer is simple "Without seo you are not going to get a good traffic in your site. The majority of web traffic are controlled by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although, some social media and other search engines can generate you some traffic. Content is the king in any website. Search engines look for unique content they provided targeted traffic as you are providing to the visitors. Search engines provide traffics on those sites which are optimized for targeted keywords. 

Can the search engines figure out my sites without SEO?

It is almost impossible to find your site without seo. Search engines are smart, but they need help to find out. They uses crawlers to find out specific pages from thousands crore of websites. So, if your page is not optimized correctly you cannot get much attraction from the visitors.

Can I do it myself?

It is very easy to learn seo. But, most important is you have to be patient, dedicated, attentive and you should enjoy it. You need to spend some time here to understand seo. I am here to provide all the informations about seo. Feel free to ask any question. I will teach you everything about seo. Stay with me.

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