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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Make Money Just By Clicking(NEOBUX)

All of we know about PTC(Paid to Click) programme. With the immense growth of earning free money online a lot of ptc sites have been established. But, few of them  are reliable and trustworthy. PTC sites give money to its members just for viewing advertisements. Neobux is the most popular ptc site where you can earn money just clicking. If you are thinking of starting your money making campaign by ptc, I would refer you the Neobux. Because, it is the best site in ptc world. You have to keep some things before starting your ptc campaign in Neobux.

Most important thing you should remind that ptc is not way to be rick quickly. You should take it as a full time job. It can be done as a hobby. If you have enough time, you  can spend 20-30 minutes here.
  • Joining is free here. There is three membership plan. Standard, Premium and Golden. Standard membership is free with limited opportunity. Premium and Golden membership takes a little charge with extra facility. But, you upgrade your membership from your own earning unless you want to earn quickly.
  • Now get registered in Neobux in a formal way. Enter a valid e-mail and on referrer put the name who you told to join in this site such as Referrer- thundermahdi.
  • Once you have successfully registered you can start earning money by clicking on their advertisements.Standard members are paid 0.01$ per ad and doesn't get more 4-6 ads per day.
  • Referral is the great way to earn money by ptc. You can rent referral from them. You can better do it with your friends.As a standard member you can earn 0.05$ per referral view. Neobux allows you to rent referrals at 0.28$ for 30 days. Make it remind that you should spend all of your earning buying referrals. Save a little on to recycle your referrals when need. Because some of the referrals can stop earning money.
  • When you are done with some referrals make the Autopay feature active. When a referral log in and click on ads their rental history extended for one day.  By this method you can make your referral active and that save your 10% of monthly referral rate.
  • Monitor the activities of the referral. If you see someone missing then recycle him by $0.08 to active referral. 
  • After earning a good amount of money you can upgrade your membership to Golden. Here you will get some extra facilities which cost $90. You can get here unlimited referrals.
  • When you get a good number of referrals, discover that you are earning a good amount of money.
However, Neobux is the not way of being rich over night. It will take time to get some good return. The more efforts the more you will be able to earn.
Good luck for your ptc campaign. If you found this article helpful for you, please you use thundermahdi as referral.If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Top ways to make money online

Top 5 ways to make money online

Making money online has become a popular phenomenon  all over the world. Almost all the people found it more comfortable to make money sitting at home. Again, most of the people has become tired by being with fake money making sites. One of my friends has wasted his 6 months in a fake site. He was told to give 5000$. But all his efforts went in vain. So, be careful when you are trying to make money online. Don't be trapped with tempting offer. There are a lot of ways to make money online. I am going to tell 5 most suitable and effective ways of online earning.

Freelancing: Freelancing is the best way to make money online. You can join there free. You don't need to spend a single penny. There are a lot of freelancing sites like oDesk, Freelancer, Scriptlance, Elance, Guru and many more. Making money by freelancing is not easy if don't give much effort to it. A lot of jobs are available in these sites. You can do what suite to you most.

Blogging: From all the money making ways blogging is the most effective and easiest way to make money. You can create free blog on and you choose template what you want to keep for your blog.
Google Adsense: It has become a popular way to make money online. You need a website riched with some quality and unique contents. After you are done you can apply for adsense. If approved they will provide you an ad to place on your site on specific place.
Article Writing: If you have the ability to write then it is a great way to earn money. You can write for magazines, website or just simply go to freelancing sites and you will get a lot of article writing jobs. If your articles are of good quality then you can make 10-50$ per hour.
Affiliate Marketing: It is a commission based business. You get commission in order to publishing the products of others. You need a website or blog to this purpose. If any visitors clicks on the ads of the products and buy something from them then you will get a commission. You can generate a good profit by affiliate programme. Some of the affiliate marketing sites are: Click bank, Commission Junction and Sharesale.
These are the top 5 ways to make money online according to me. If you believe that there are more ways which are suitable for online earning then you can comment. Earning money is not easy if you don't know the correct ways. Keep patient, be positive and work hard. These three things is very important when you are making the decision of making money online.

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How to generate Traffic From Social Bookmarking site


All of we know about social bookmarking more or less. It is great way to share, manage and bookmarking  our favorite urls or websites. We build website to get traffic  The more we get traffic the more popularity of the site increases. It also increases the chance of earning money. Almost all the owners make websites for their business purposes. To reach their site and products to the customer they go to webmaster to optimize their sites. Social bookmarking is one of the important processes of SEO. We can generate a huge amount of traffic from social bookmarking sites. It offers us one way backlink which is very important to rank our site.
It has become popular to the webmaster because it drives a huge amount of unique traffics to the targeted sites.
Generating traffic from social bookmarking is not easy one. It takes time to reach your goal. Here are some tips who want to generate traffic by social bookmarking.

  • Content is the king of all. If you don't have unique and quality content, you cannot expect to get a good traffic from bookmarking. So, make some good content to get best return in the long run.
  • Catch the visitors at the first sight. Your headline should be eye catching. So, the visitors will come to your site. If they like your article they will bookmark your page.
  • A fabulous description of your article is important as the headline. General people doesn't want to spend their time by reading too much. They don't read more than 100-130 characters. So, think about your visitors and try to make your descriptions more catchy  Otherwise, your bookmarking campaign       will not produce good result.
  • Your article should be informative and easy understanding. Don't use any difficult words. It makes the visitors out of your site.
  • Try to attract the visitors with your first line of the article.
  • Bookmarking button can be place on your site and here they can bookmark you site easily to their browser.
  • Don't be tired just submitting your article only one bookmarking site. The more you submit the more you get traffic.
  • Choose the topics which have a good number of search. Make your content more reliable with accurate information and keep it up-to-date. If users have made a faith on you they will bookmark your site.
  • Try to interact with visitors by the comments that they leave on your article. Respond to their questions.
.At last, Don't ever try to spam the visitors. You may get some visitors by this method. But, they will not bookmark your site and will not return to your site. Good luck for your bookmarking campaign.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Social Bookmarking Submission

What is Social Bookmarking

There can hardly be found any internet user who doesn't know about social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a process of organizing, searching, managing and bookmarking favorite websites. The concept of social bookmarking began in 1996 with hand of itList. But, it had become a popular phenomenon when delicious was launched in 2003. Normally, people used to bookmark their favorite sites in laptops or pc. But, it has some limitations and this was not safe at all. Anytime, can happen anything to the computers. But, social bookmarking has introduced a wonderful way to bookmark sites which safe and secure.
At present, social bookmarking sites are not only used as bookmarking but also used for search engine optimization. It has become a popular way to get huge amount of traffic. Millions of people use social bookmarking sites. So, it's a great way to generate traffic. You can put your favorite links to these sites. People who have the permission to use this site they search for different topics which they need. If your sites match with users keywords it will redirect to your page. You will be benefited it the user bookmark your site.
You can also add links of others. Social bookmarking sites are now being used as a alternative search engines.
Now, you must be thinking of what is the importance of using social bookmarking sites. I am trying to give you a clear idea about it.

Importance of Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites are not used just for bookmarking purposes. Now, it has been being used as a important seo strategies.

Saving the URL of sites:

When we think of social bookmarking the thing come in our mind that is bookmarking and saving our favorite urls which is secure and easy to manage in future. Our computers have limited ability to save the urls. But, social bookmarking is providing us a great chance to save urls with no bounds. We can also put links of our own websites and check how many people are bookmarking our sites.

Getting Backlinks:

Backlinks are the only way to get higher ranked by search engines. We do work hard just to get a backlink. Social bookmarking sites are a great sources of getting some quick and quality backlinks. If the users share your link to other websites then you get a almost free. These backlinks are one way and significance to the search engines that increase your chance of getting higher rank. As the page rank of these sites are high and people who do searching for certain keywords then search engines will bring your page top of the search results  In this way, you will earn a huge amount of traffic which can boost up your business.

Getting Higher Rank:

Social bookmarking sties give the chance to share links to their websites as well as multiple websites. It gets a significance important to search engine due to higher page rank of the sites. As a results, google gives you a better search engine rank to your site.

Generating Traffic:

You build website for the visitors. So, they are the blood of your site. Social bookmarking is a great source of inviting more and more visitors to your site. The links you shared in these sites should contain good content with valuable information. So,the visitors bookmark your site and come again in the future. That is wonderful way to get unique visitors.

Boost Up Business:

Modern business can be thinkable without customer relations. Social bookmarking sites help to communicate with a huge number of customers. You can promote your products using bookmarking sites. It is a great way to advertise your products. If the users have made faith on their mind for your products. Then your business will boost up quickly.

Among the other seo strategies social bookmarking is the best option to increase traffic as well as rank. It is the best way to promote your website and increasing visibility in search engines. So, what are waiting for?
Get started by signing up. Here are some lists of social bookmarking sites. All the best for your social bookmarking campaign.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forum Posting

Forum Posting

Today's world has compelled people getting closer to each other. To survive in the competitive era people need knowledge and information. Due to enormous growth of the technology it is easy for people to get interacted with the people of different countries and cultures. They need to share information with each other. Forum is the wonderful way which make easy for the people who need information about the thousands of things in the world. It is a wonderful way for the people to share knowledge and information in online. It is also a excellent way to interact with people of different nations of the world.
How to Start:
Forum posting is very easy get started. You just have go to that forum you want to join. Finish your registration process where you will need some basic information about you. Membership is completely free. Once you get membership you can start posting threads and reply to new threads. Thread is the way to post questions, share information whatever have in your mind.
Purposes of posting in forum:
People join in forum with different purposes.  Some want share knowledge and information, others want to advertise their products. But, most of the people join in forum with seo purposes. It is a great way to get one way backlink. Most of webmasters use forum posting as link building strategies. After posting some undisclosed posts you will be able to get a signature link. Signature is the link which is put below your posts. In signature you can use your keywords of your website and it will directly linked to your site.
Benefits of Forum Posting:
Modern business is unthinkable without reaching to more and more people. Forum is the great way to reach a large number of people. The benefits that you can get from posting in forum-
  • The finest and fastest way to connect and communicate to people living all over the world.
  • It is wonderful stage to exchange information. Whatever questions come in your mind you can post it relevant topic.
  • It is the best way to generate traffic in your site.
  • Using forum link building strategies you can boost up your link building.
  • It helps to boost up your page ranking on google.
  • By posting on high traffic forums you can increase your online visibility which can generate more traffics to your site.
  • It is a good way to advertise your products.
  • Risk free link building strategies.
It has become a common thing to the new generation to join in forum. Keep in mind that don't try spamming. You will be banned instantly. Read the forum rules and guidelines before starting posting. Comment on the posts if you have any question. I will eagerly answer your questions.

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