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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A comparative study between Gettysburg Address and Declaration of Independence

Gettysburg Address and Declaration of Independence are regarded as the most important, significance and valuable documents in the history of Independent America. Both of the documents have a close to relation with each another. But, both are established in totally different situation. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, focused on complete separation from the British empire. On the other hand, the speech of Gettysburg Address was dictated in 1863 by the President of that time Abraham Lincoln which indicated to unite, the unity of the nation which is very important to perform the unfinished works which are left to be finished. It was delivered in Gettysburg, in a cemetery dedication for soldiers where they sacrifice their live for the Civil War.
These two documents are different in many ways. But, they can be specified for the similarity in the theory of democracy. In these  documents democracy are stated as Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness. Democracy has got its full extent what it should be. So, we can say that Lincoln is influenced by the Declaration of Jefferson.
The clear difference between the documents can be detected from their basic purpose. Declaration of Independence was stated to be born an independent nation who were bitterly oppressed by the British empire. But, the speech of Gettysburg was given for the consolation of the sacrificed soldiers in order to unite the alienated nation by deriving the end of the Civil War.
The facts which make them great pieces of history is the idea of Jefferson and Lincoln. Jefferson wanted decentralization and freedom. On the other hand, Lincoln cherished to centralize, unify and made the nation unanimous in their views and ideas.
The comparisons can be clarified with the difference in their organization. Thomas Jefferson wrote Declaration of Independence with some major premises. In this premises, he talks about natural law that is all men are created equal  and they are given some inalienable rights which are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. He further tells that this is the unavoidable job of the Government to protect those rights of the governed. If they fail to do so, they should be dissolved and institute an new one ensuring the same rights and privileges. 
In comparison to the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is much shorter and to the point where he maintained three facts of present, past and future.He opens his speech with the past, mentioning the origination fathers of the us. (ironically speaking of Jefferson) and therefore the values that they possessed once making a brand new nation. Lincoln then quickly moves to the current. He states, Now we have a tendency to engaged in a very nice warfare, testing whether or not that nation, or any nation therefore planned and do dedicated, will long endure. Here, he's characteristic the country current state, within the thick of a warfare, as a haul or, even additional therefore, as a challenge that has been brought upon the u.  s. that it should overcome. Lincoln then goes on to the most, and most vital a part of the address, the future. Here is wherever he sums up what has to be exhausted the years to come back so as to form certain that the country will in reality overcome the challenge that it's brought upon itself. Lincoln's argument is shorter and not as thorough or lessened as Jefferson, his past, present, and future strategy is arguably even as effective. The address is a smaller amount of Associate in Nursing eristical document and far additional of a psychological feature one that was designed to steer the Yankee individuals to attempt for a centralized, united country. Lincoln's speech did simply that.
Even additional important than the shortage of structure similarities between the Declaration of Independence and therefore the address,  the variations between the theories and ideas that President of the United States and Abraham Lincoln try to convey in their various documents. the 2 opposites. They contradict one another. whereas President of the United States preaches secession, Lincoln demands union. whereas Lincoln expresses the need of a rustic surpass a centralized government of the individuals, by the individuals, for the individuals, President of the United States is Associated in Nursing advocate of liberty and independence. Lincoln values and morals, that he expresses within the address, cannot nearly relate to the President of the United States ideals on that the Declaration of Independence is predicated. In Jefferson declaration, his premises consists of eighteen specific ways in which King {George III|King of England} and therefore the government of Great Britain had prevented the voters of the states from travail the inalienable rights that  antecedently mentioned within the Declaration of Independence. several of those accusations, Abraham Lincoln was additionally a great deal guilty of. President of the United States accuses the King of imposing taxes while not  consent. Lincoln obligatory taxes on all of the states while not the consent of the many of the southern states. He was ready to get around this owing to the abundant larger population of the states within the north, thereby getting consent by majority. President of the United States additionally accuses King of England of moving to render the military freelance of and superior to the civil power.Once the decision for secession of the Confederacy from the Union was created, Lincoln prevented the southern states from travail their right to split up by in cursive those states with a army. Lincoln's actions weren't solely just like several taken by King King of England, however were in reality virtually a twin of several of the Kings also. 
The variations and contradictions between Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence and Abraham Lincoln's address plentiful, however the sources of those variations go so much on the far side the boys World Health Organization wrote them. it's not as if these 2 men, President of the United States and Lincoln, were living within the same period and easily had totally different views and morals on what was right and what was wrong. President of the United States and Lincoln's distinction of opinion was an on the spot results of the 2 totally different time periods that every man lived in. every of their various documents was a decision to the individuals. A entail what required to be done at that time by the individuals so as for them to measure their lives within the best and most economical manner. 
Neither of President of the United States nor Lincoln's various ideas or values would have survived alright in every others times in history and neither did survive alright. The President of the United States ideas of self government, the compact theory, natural and jurisprudence, and financial conservationism were what was required at that point so as for the states to split up and build a brand new, free nation during which the voters may live outside the rule of country Empire. At identical time tho', Lincoln's national theory of union and centralized government was important in maintaining the states because the people of America. The irony and significance of those two documents is that neither man argument would be thought-about the proper one the least bit points in Yankee history, nor would they be thought-about incorrect at each purpose in history either. But, these documents are thought-about to be two of the foremost necessary documents in Yankee history, as a result of they were composed and delivered at the right times in Yankee history. The Declaration of Independence and therefore the address symbols of the boys World Health Organization composed them and therefore the times that they were composed in. They represent the challenges that the country was round-faced with and therefore the men, President of the United States and Lincoln, that accepted those challenges and overcame them with their own solutions.
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