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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Web Hosting: Choosing the best commercial hosting

Choosing the best and right commercial hosting is not a very easy, again not so difficult. The newcomers find it difficult to choose the right hosting plan for them. Today I am going to tell you some secrets about choosing the best hosting plan according to your budget.
Online is a vast space and there are plenty of sites who are giving you chance to buy some space in exchange of money or free. So, among the millions of web hosting companies which one can be the right choice for you? I am trying to give you that answer.

Free hosting or Paid hosting:
At first, you need to determine that which hosting package you want to have for your site. You can get both free or paid hosting package. Both have some merits and demerits.
For free hosting package the first merit is of course it is free and without cost. But, this hosting should be exclusion from professional sites. They are suitable for personal or family homepage. It has some disadvantages-
  • No individual domain name
  • Include banner, advertising,pop up or under
  • Limited scope of using software
  • Limited scope of using FTP
  • Security is very low
  • Site may always remain down or slow
So, it is better to use paid hosting services. Because, you will not face this kind of problems in paid hosting. 
Shared Hosting:
It is very popular and effective hosting plane which suits both for the commercial or personal purpose. Most of the companies offer Linux hosting and also offer Windows but comparatively higher price. At the outset, small plan will be suitable for  you and you can get your opportunity enhanced according to your demands. Shared hosting may be useful for the reasons below-
  • Monthly cost is relatively low and discount is also available for annual payment
  • Offer some tools which can be effective for the optimization of your page
  • You will have the chance of using individual domain and e-mail
  • They are committed to highest customer satisfaction
You must be aware of the disadvantages of shared hosting-

  • Your site will not be protected from security threat as you are sharing space with other site in a similar domain.
  • Though they allow some tools but they are restricted in many terms
  • If your site is jammed with huge amount of traffic, then your site may be suspended
Dedicated hosting:

In dedicated hosting system your site will be hosted by only single server. It provides a great room for you to monetize your resources freely. For the big companies and sites which have huge amount of traffic dedicated hosting plan is very effective. Multiple domains can be used from the server that you owned. The tools and software which are provided by the host have no restrictions and exclusion of limitations.
The disadvantage can be noticed that this is very costly hosting service which may need much higher skills.
Alternative hosting options:
There are some others hosting options available for you. These are-

You can use own server but need to rent space from a company which may be highly expensive. Larger business and small web hosting companies are eligible for this hosting.
Virtual Private Server or VPS is a kind of service which is similar to dedicated hosting. Though, it is less expensive from dedicated hosting but highly expensive than shared hosting.
A reseller is company who sell space as their own but controlled by their ordinate company. Most of the small web host companies act as a reseller company.
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