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Monday, May 13, 2013

Reseller Web hosting: How to start a hosting business

Reseller we hosting is something where a web host sells web space from parent company as their own. A reseller hosting company has a dedicated server or hosting plan which is dependent on other company.

 Main Features of Reseller:

There are different features available for reseller depend on hosting companies. It is not possible to give full  idea about reseller hosting in a single post. But, the  main features are-
  • It is possible to make your site visible to the customers as your own company.
  • You can manage your own account according to your needs.
  • Disc space
  • Bandwidth
  • Domain hosting
  • Ability to adopt same features as parent company like e-mail, control panel, monitoring tools etc.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting:

 Due to the a lot of benefits  web designers choose reseller web hosting. You have the chance to control your hosting so that you can manage the important features of their website.  If you have a web design business, it renders an extra service to you to boost up your business. Another important benefit is you can collect money by rendering to them web design service. When you get a client, they will contact you to the purpose of designing their site.
It is a great choice for the Database programmers, web copy writers, web designers, graphic designers and internet marketing consultants. Because, these companies often buy space in bulk so they get discount which they use it as their profit.

How to get started?

If you are interested in starting a hosting business quickly and easily, reseller web hosting is the best option for you. But, you must know about the way of starting this business. It is very easy to get started. Following things you can do -
  • The first thing you should focus on to research the most suitable and affordable web host companies that offer reseller hosting. It is better to spend some time to find the best hosting company. Because, your business greatly depends on their services.
  • You need to determine about future customers of your company that you can manage. According to the list of your customers you can fix the package of hosting.
  • Fix the types and sizes of package that you offer to the customer.
  • Price is the most important thing. Most of the customers will want to get the best service with affordable cost. So, keep focusing on this point.
  • Make a comparison to determine the best reseller hosting package.
  • You will be instructed by the parent company and you should follow all the rules given by them.
  • Start marketing your business to the customers. Remind it. Successful business depends on successful marketing.
  • Let them to get all the support that they need. They you will see your business boosting up.
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Monday, May 6, 2013

How to choose the right web host provider

A website can be made for two reasons either personal or professional. Personal website is built to blog on interested topic or share photos with friends and family. For the professionals, a site is mandatory to introduce or provide variety of services in order to connect with millions of customers. However, most of the companies use website as their legitimacy of business and prefer Internet as the easiest way to reach to their customers.
If you are ready with your website, you should look for the first point that is web host provider. There are millions of web host provider, but you have to pick the right and best one which is not an easy job. To ensure the best service you must focus on certain things. Five things you should keep on your mind while researching-

1.Is it Reliable?
Reliability is the key factor when you are going to choose a web hosting.  It is vital for the business websites than personal. For the personal it may be boring when the website is down. But, it could be a great lose for business sites as they rely on their website for their business. Hosts that claims for 100% up-time you  should avoid them. No one can ensure this term because there may cause an unknown interruption which may down your site for a period of time. It is important for you to make sure the actual up-time for your site and the specific server for your website. Web host should have this data. Make it ensure about their service on peak and off-peak hours.
2.Customer Support:
Customer support is another important factor. Make sure that you are going to get them when you need. It may include pre sales questions, billing and technical support. Many hosts offer variety of method so that you can get it easily whatever you want from them. You are free to select the best option for you which meets your supreme demands. Telephone support, E-mail support, Knowledge based FAQ and Community networking can be the great way to get support.
When you are going to choose a host an important questions will arise in your mind is the host provider is affordable? A research should be done to compare the price of your hosting provider. Because, affordable price can bring special effect on your business. So, you must select the best combination of price and features as well as the payment plans which suit to your needs. 
I will recommend you not to go for a free host, if your website is purposed for business. Because, they will put ads and pop up windows which disrupts the user's patience. As a result, your reputation will be down and customers will not back to your site in future.
4.Is that Company Stable?
Many hosting companies are coming and going this days. So, it is very important for you to ensure the company's stability. Otherwise, you will lose all your investment. You must be very careful when you are dealing with a reseller.  A research should be completed about their reputation. If the company you are dealing with has a longevity, you do not need to worry about them as you do not need change it.
5.Space and Bandwidth:
Space and Bandwidth are initial observation for hosting plan. You have to determine your  space according to the files and images have on your site. An important thing should be kept in mind that many big companies do not need large space as the hosting provider can offer you unlimited hosting space. So, it could be wastage of your money and do not put too much attention on it.
When people use your site an amount of data is transferred which called bandwidth. The more your site will be busy, the more bandwidth will be used. You should be aware of having enough bandwidth according to your demand. Again, be careful about unlimited bandwidth which is a cost for the host. If your bandwidth cross the limit, your site may be down or suspended. So, make sure about the rules when you are going for unlimited package.

This five things should be cared, if you are going to chose a hosting company. Consider these things carefully which can help you to get reliable web host for your business so that you can boost up your business.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cloud Hosting: Everything you need to know

If you are searching for various hosting options, you must have heard about cloud hosting.  It has becoming popular recently. But, there are few hosting companies that offer this service. Due to its popularity most of the hosts are getting it to their close observation.
Cloud Hosting:
Cloud hosting is that kind of hosting which uses resources of several clustered servers. So, it means that the resources which are used to maintain your website are scattered more than one server. As the load is tolerable and security is maximum, so your site will not be depended only on one server. If there any problem with server, you can easily use your resources from the clusters of server which are called cloud.
An example can make it clear. There is no other example which can be better than google. The president of the search engines has got all its resources spread throughout hundreds of server on the cloud. Did you ever see Google down? I did not face this fact.
How does it work?
In cloud hosting the cluster of server manage to perform a particular pieces of works, if any server is down then other server serve as a backup to provide useful resources. So, this is great to use this hosting as you are not going to face any problem an you have available options for you maintenance.
Who are eligible for this service?
Cloud hosting is more suitable for the big companies or websites which have plenty of visitors and limitation of maintaining the resources. Though, the problem can be solved by dedicated hosting.But, dedicated hosting is more expensive and you should be an IT expert which can be avoided in cloud hosting.
Accessing of resources as needed:
One of the most fascinating feature of cloud hosting that you do not have to wait for uploading your resources.  As you multiple servers you can use any server as backup. If you are in need of extra resources you do not have time to wait for the customers to help you to increase your bandwidth limit. If you have plenty of traffic which exceed your limit, your site may be down or degraded. But, with cloud hosting you are not going to face this problem. The resources of your site will be available for the customers and they will not notice any change.
Saving money and stress:
With cloud hosting you can save a lot of money. You will pay for what you use unlike dedicated hosting. When you take decision to change your hosting plan(from shared hosting) then cloud hosting may be the best option for you. Because, in dedicated hosting you have to pay a lot of money, the money for which you did not use anything. So, you will be charged only when you used.
So, cloud hosting is the best alternative for the dedicated hosting. Actually, not alternative. It is better than dedicated hosting. What do you think? Answer me by commenting.